Membership Login Help

Your Database:

Your membership database contains personal details and can only be accessed by logging in with a username and a password.  Your organisation has a membership administrator who is responsible for managing access to your database.  When you are first set up as a user on the system you are allocated a User Name and Password and you may be asked to provide for an email address and a password reminder question and answer.  If you ever forget your password the system can reming you of it by sending an email to the email address linked to your user name.

User Name & Password:

If you don't already have a user name and password please contact your administrator; it is their job to create new users within the membership system and to decide what type of access you have to the data in it. You can change your password whenever you are logged in to the Membership system.  Click on the menu item Your Settings.

Your Access Rights (Roles):

There are different access rights that can be granted to database users and these are referred to as Roles.  When a new user is set up they can be allocated one or more roles.  For example the role of Administrator allows you search for members, display, add, change and delete any membership data in the database and it also allows you to add new database users.  The role of Reader allows you to search for members and display membership data only. Your administrator will give you the relevent access rights and you can see what they are if you click on the menu item Your Settings.

Forgotten your User Name or Password?:

If you have forgotten your User Name you will have to contact your administrator, the system cannot provide this information for you.  If you have forgotten your password the system can remind you by sending an email to the email address linked to your user name, if you provided one.  In order to confirm that the correct person is trying to retrieve a password you are asked the question that was set up for you by your administrator and you must provide the exact answer to the question that was recorded when your user account was set up.